Lip Sync made easy!


The Barricados Papagayo OpenToonz Converter Tool allows you to merge Papagayo lip-sync patterns with OpenToonz files. Open the tool by double clicking on the .hta file in the download.

Work flow:
  • First make an OT file with your mouth shapes*
  • Next, do your thing in Papagayo and export your lip-sync as a '.dat' file
  • Now open our converter tool and select the OT scene file that you made (step 1)
  • Also select your exported papagayo file (step 2)
  • Now (still in the tool) select the layer that your mouth shapes are on (eg. AU)
  • Press the export button. - A new OT file is made for you in the root directory of the downloaded Barricados Tool, and is called 'exported.tnz'
  • Tadaa. Render and do with as you wish!

* When setting up your mouth shapes in OT, you'll need to make 10 of them. By default the set up is as follows:
frame 1: AI
frame 2: E
frame 3: O
frame 4: U
frame 5: etc.
frame 6: WQ
frame 7: MBP
frame 8: L
frame 9: FV
frame 10: rest

This order is set in the '.hta' file. You can change this if you wish, or use the default.. just make sure they match. If you want to change which frame numbers are linked to which mouth-shapes, simply drag the 'papagayo-converter.hta' file into notepad (or something similar), change the frame numbers and save as as a '.hta' file.

Remember that you can animate any layer you want, as long as it has the correct frame numbers, and you select the layer in the tool. Hope this helps you make some cool stuff. Have fun!

Posted on Feb 16, 2017