Bruce's Banners

Hello! I'm Bruce and I make banners. And yes, I'm a cat.. and despite my many feline skills, my real kung-fu lies in banner making. All types of banners.. I cannot get enough of them! Animated banners, dynamic creative ones, game banners.. ooh I love 'em all.


Here's one I made earlier.. Click and drag to catapult my friend into the hole, in the mini game below:

All it needs is glorious colour and your logo. In fact, I'd like to show you another banner game.. In this one, click and hold to fly:

By your command

It all started when Bruce was a kitten. Unlike his peers, the usual ball and string thing wasn't working for him. It was around this time that he started developing an interest in animation, and python scripting. Bruce fine-tuned his skill set and all seemed well until, on holiday in Vietnam, he tried to return to his old kitty ways. Not scripting, and not animating made Bruce very angry..very angry indeed.. and no one liked it when he got angry. Really.

What followed was a journey to find the balance of Bruce. After a disappointing musical carreer with the 'Bruce Brothers', and failing all auditions for pirate films, our feline friend meandered through life with little purpose, until his mate Willis asked: 'Could you make me a banner please?'

Finally his journey was over. The balance was restored, and Bruce hardly ever gets angry now since rediscovering his natural talent for creation, merged into the beautiful art of banner making.

Pricing Strategy

Bruce no longer accepts cat food or biscuits as payment. He insists on hard cash, preferably but not necesssarily, in a basket.

Bruce never really grasped pricing strategies, so he suggests, that you suggest a reasonable price for what you want, and he'll figure something out. So Bruce's pricing strategy? Well, you decide! Meow-wowie!

Contact Bruce

Curious and serious? Contact Bruce at

FAQ about Bruce:

  • Is Bruce a cat? - Yes
  • How can a cat make banners? - Ask Bruce
  • Has Bruce ever made any serious banners for big corporate companies? - Yes
  • Does Bruce eat cat food? - No
  • Can I stroke Bruce? - I don't think Bruce likes to be touched
  • What kind of car does Bruce drive? - Bruce does not drive a car
  • Did you really ask Bruce these questions? - No

Play time

Posted on Apr 07, 2017