Learn to draw and talk in Free OpenToonz

Making a character is hard work, so we recorded a session where we draw a character with all the mouthshapes. There are some great tips in this one!

This tutorial will guide you through some of the basics of OpenToonz so that you can create your own talking character.

When setting up your mouth shapes in OpenToonz, you'll need to make 10 of them. We used the following set up, as this works by default with our Papagayo to OpenToonz converter tool (see our next tutorial for fast lip syncing).

frame 1: AI
frame 2: E
frame 3: O
frame 4: U
frame 5: etc.
frame 6: WQ
frame 7: MBP
frame 8: L
frame 9: FV
frame 10: rest

Posted on Mar 31, 2017